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The Old Country Church by The Truelight Trio

There is virtually nothing on the Internet about the Truelight trio except a brief mention in a bluegrass discography, a YouTube video of the first track of this album, and a group of the same name singing at a senior center somewhere in Tennessee. And although it is not the one of my favorite or quirkiest albums, it is definitely one of the most listenable.

From 1965 or 1966.

The Truelight Trio – front
The Truelight Trio – back

The Old Country Church

You’re Drifting Away

Rank Stranger

A Pretty Wreath for Mother’s Grave

Voice of My Savior


He Said if I Be Lifted UP

You Never Mentioned Him to Me

The Old Cross Road

Is There Room For Me

Pray the Clouds Away

The Ship That Is Sailing by Me


Beginning in 2002 was a website used to promote the novelty band “The Rock and Roll Patrol”.

It quickly evolved into a social networking site where users with handles like “Liberational” and “Neoconquistador” compared each other to Hitler as they discussed the issues of the day.

With reviews of reviews:

Open Letters:

And eventually forums, blogs and facebook style wikis.

But inevitably it crumpled under the weight of its own greatness.

And since it doesn’t look like I have much of a chance in this election cycle:

It seems about time to try to add some serious content to a website. Which is forthcoming.